The Activities Day 2017 results are in!  Third place went to the Red Team with 786 points and second place was earned by the Green Team with 793 points… only a 7-point difference!  This landed the Yellow Team in 1st Place with 908 participation points!  Well done to all colour-teams for your outstanding efforts!! An extra shout of “Congratulations” goes to our Age Group Winners: U15 Girls – Mia Juers, U15 Boys – Damien Harris, U16 Girls – Jazz Hanson and Bonnie Doran, U16 Boys – David Maas and Jonathan Mathew Tharian, Open Girls – Chelsea Albanese, and Open Boys – Ryan Lamb.  Top participation went to Lachlan’s LSG13 (3rd ),  Jules’ LSG02 (2nd ), and Chris/Ainsleigh’s LS G10 (1st).  In the end, what really mattered was the excellent comradery and sportsmanship shown by everyone on the day.