The Year 12’s are in full preparation mode for trial exams next week. Each subject with an end-of-year exam will run a full mock exam, with the same rules, rooms and types of problems so the students can get used to an exam environment. Regular classes will not run – instead students will attend only at the times they have exams. If they wish to study in the school or seek help from their teachers, they are welcome to do so. Some subjects do not have exams or trial exams and generally students in these classes are hard at work on their externally assessed tasks, which will take considerable time and effort. We wish all our students the best of luck as they enter this busy, chaos filled part of the year.

Stage 2 Trial Exams

In the week beginning 3 September, our stage 2 students will undertake trial exams while our Central Studies students and 70 visitors from intrastate, interstate and overseas participate in our annual International Science Fair.

It is very important that your child attend all their scheduled exams and use this experience as preparation for their examinations in November. The examinations being held are of the same length and order as those at the end of the year (although compressed into 4 days rather than 3 weeks!). If your child isn’t able to attend any of their examinations, please contact the school at your earliest convenience. A medical certificate must be presented for any absence.

See the examination timetable and the expectations.