For many Year 12’s, this will be their final term of learning new content, as Term 4 is generally devoted to revision and exams or final assignments. With trial exams coming up in Week 7 of this term, many subjects are having an intense focus on assignment completion at the moment: Specialist Mathematics students are modelling strategies for saving the world from a zombie apocalypse; Chemistry students are designing ways to reduce heat loss in enthalpy reactions; Physics students are using critical and creative thinking skills to develop and complete a design practical of their choice; Modern History students are completing an essay about Mao; English Literary Studies students are writing an externally-assessed comparative essay on two texts of their choice; Biology students have finished plotting ways to kill bacteria; Psychology students are using their knowledge of “Healthy Minds” to analyse the actions of film characters; and Media Studies students have completed the draft for their Interaction assignment, showcasing their understanding of how they interact with media. This is not an exhaustive list, but gives insight into the level of thinking and working being asked of our Year 12’s, and we have every confidence they will produce high-quality work in response.