It is an exciting week for the Year 12’s as they prepare for their Formal on Friday. The staff are all looking forward to being dazzled by them as they spend a night celebrating their friendships and progress thus far. Most of their courses are about halfway through the content. Many students are having their graduate capabilities signed off progressively with their Learning Studies teacher – a fabulous way to recognise the work, learning, and skills that go into Year 12 beyond the assessment for their subjects. Students who complete some or all of their graduate capabilities will have this recognised on the graduation certificate, and will have a fantastic repository of evidence in their ePortfolio that can be used for job interviews, evidence-based application and scholarships, just to name a few examples. Through Learning Studies, the Year 12’s have been developing Learning Action Plans to use their knowledge of cognitive beliefs and neuroscience in practical ways to support their own learning. At Open Night last week and this week, prospective parents were awed by the samples of work on display from our Year 12’s, and the Year 12 volunteers who came to discuss their experiences were positive, friendly and encouraging. A big thank you to the Year 12’s who gave up their time to assist with this and show our future parents and students what the ASMS is all about.