The view was captivating but what was happening inside the Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club last Friday was equally enthralling for our year 12 students. A wide variety of information sessions covered topics as varied as how an ATAR is calculated to staying safe in social situations to managing self during stressful periods. For the first time the school utilised the services of the Sammy D Foundation to present the tragic story of Sam Davis, killed after being ‘king-hit’ at a party. The intense story, presented by Sam’s father Neil, made a strong impression on all present. A follow up session will be presented later this month to de-brief students and further explore strategies they can utilise to stay safe as they mature into young adults.

Students also received order forms for the optional Year 12 Jumper and for workbooks and revision guides that are recommended for purchase by year 12 teachers for a number of subjects. Placing these orders as soon as possible will allow delivery sooner rather than later.

A year 12 information night is being held on Wednesday the 20th March and I urge you to put the date in your diary. The evening provides parents with information about Year 12 completion, processes involved with applying for University/TAFE placement and offers the opportunity to speak with your child’s subject teachers.

Lisa Pope

Interdisciplinary Studies Leader