Year 12 is both an exciting and a confronting year for most students. For most it is their final year of schooling and its end will result in them making the transition to the adult world with all its responsibilities.
At the ASMS we feel that it is important to not only present the academic programme to students but also to provide opportunities where students are given information and strategies which will help them cope with the study demands and the emotional challenges of the year. Seminar Day is the first event of the year which acknowledges the special nature of year 12; it provides an opportunity for students to bond with classmates and further develop important peer support networks.

The Year 12 Seminar Day is viewed as a highly valuable experience for students and sessions are run by the year 12 teaching team. This year’s Seminar Day will be held on Friday 2nd February.
Students have the opportunity to discuss year 12 with former graduates, and interact with year 12 teachers. The content of the day also covers operational information about the administration of year 12.student workshop at Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club
Seminar Day is fully catered and held off-site at the Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club, Seacliff. Students will be given details of the location. The day commences at 8.40am and will conclude at 3.00pm.