This year, for the group task, the stage 2 health class decided to focus on the amount of sunburn on Activities Day and ways to reduce this. We took inspiration from the “Take Care Out There” advertisements from Nivea. You have probably seen them, as they are the ones, where the film crew bring in a UV light, shine it on people’s skin and photograph it, so people can see the damage the sun has caused their skin. We managed to get some of these cameras and produce our own ASMS version of this advertisement. Although our goal was to reduce the amount of sunburn, we were only partly successful. There was a small reduction in the amount of sunburn compared to last year, but this year was sunny and warm and last year was rainy and cold. Small successes, but we would like to keep this trend continuing in to the future, and hope with ongoing education and working with staff and students, our goal will be achieved.