On Friday 4 of September the year 12s were invited out to the Playford Hotel where they would spend the night with amazing food and wonderful festivities. The ASMS students, as always, showed their uniqueness with an abundance of classic and creative outfits coming in all shapes and sizes.

During the night a select few of the year 12 students were awarded with titles from an anonymous voting conducted earlier this term, some of these titles included: most likely to rule the world, quiet achiever, and most PDA couple, along with others. The teachers were also put to the votes for their own set of titles: the chillest teacher, the strictest teacher, and the best storyteller. At the end of the night, all the students had a blast and took many photos.

A big thanks goes out to the ASMS Formal Committee; Justin, Amber, Rosie, Subira, Sam and Tyla, and a HUGE thanks to Lisa as this event was only possible with their commitment and support.

By Riley, ASMS Paper team member