The 20th to 24th of November will be happy days for the staff and students of the ASMS! Juggling, hiking, meditating and playing music will be among the activities that we will be doing in order to grow our mental well being.

Well being is defined not just as the absence of illness, but as a state of comfort, happiness and good health. Mental well being is associated with increased success in schooling and productivity and so is especially important for students in the senior years of schooling.

We take the well being of our students and staff seriously at the ASMS and will be taking the opportunity of ‘Well Being Week’ to celebrate and reflect on the how we can achieve and improve it.

Are you looking to improve your own wellbeing? Here are some suggestions we’ll be sharing as a school community; spend 30 minutes a day being active and doing something that you enjoy, do something kind for another person, take a moment each day to reflect on something that you are grateful for.

Wellbeing week program 2014