On Tuesday 28 January we welcome 163 students and their families into our school community, mostly at year 10 level but we will also have some new students in years 11 & 12. We understand that changing schools can be overwhelming at first, new routines, new people, new expectations etc. At the ASMS we ensure we spend time, particularly in the first few weeks, supporting students to get to know each other, their teachers and the way we do things at the ASMS. Our Learning Studies teachers have spent time planning a range of activities to help students feel comfortable in their new environment and to help them get to know each other. Students returning to the ASMS in 2020 will make great mentors, they know how we do things and have their own experiences to share and learn from as they support others to manage and engage in our learning programs.

We have an exciting year ahead of us in 2020. We kick off with Order from Chaos; Biodiversity and Dream, Design & Develop as our Central Studies program. Our year 12’s will commence their final year of secondary school. 23 students have enrolled in the new ASMS courses of Extraordinary Learning and Industrial Design. 26 students have enrolled in a 1st year STEM related course at Flinders University, and we will again support students to prepare a Portfolio Accreditation Tertiary Entry (PATE) as an alternative entrance for university study.

Our 2019 graduates have been very successful in their application for their post-secondary pathways. 49% have been offered a place in a science based tertiary program, 14% in Engineering, 15% in Mathematics and information technology related courses and 21% in the Arts and 1 student commencing their studies in Education. We wish them every success!

During the summer break we have witnessed bushfire devastation in parts of South Australia and the eastern states. We expect that some of our students and their families will have been impacted by these events, maybe directly or perhaps their relatives or friends. Please reach out for help if you need it, SA Department for Education has provided us with a range of resources and information that could be useful. We are acutely aware that the fire season is not yet over. I ask you to share your bushfire plans with us, on days of catastrophic fire danger we need to know how students will travel to and from school if they live in fire danger zones.

I am looking forward to getting our 2020 school year started beginning with a whole school assembly in the morning of Tuesday 28 January.

Jayne Heath