Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2019 school year at the ASMS.

Those of you commencing your first year as students or parents of students, may be wondering with some trepidation what new, exciting and challenging times lie ahead. Those of you returning, may similarly wonder what changes this year entails. No need to worry, the school staff are an incredibly excellent asset and will assist you with every-day school related needs. In addition, the governing council has been working on providing additional parent support by veteran parents to assist during the transition. Returning parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the events to be announced as such participation will benefit the whole school community.

Many years ago, I attained a high school diploma from a traditional school as a slightly better than mediocre student. My early university career taught me how to be a better self-directed student eventually leading me to attaining a Doctorate in Philosophy in Physics (yes – just like Sheldon). All the studies were traditional, not interdisciplinary! My experience in both research and industry has taught me that interdisciplinary learning is vitally important. Today’s research and industry solutions require interdisciplinary understanding and team work to succeed.

Undoubtedly, this year’s intradisciplinary curriculum, the many enrichment opportunities, as well as their social and personal growth will challenge our students. In the end it is all worth the effort! The benefit of attaining the valuable capabilities, the confidence and the fundamental knowledge will prepare our students for the rapidly changing work and life of the future.

In closing, I wish all our students an enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling year of fun and study. Additionally, I invite all parents wishing to add to the school community to nominate for the governing council. I look forward to meeting you all at the Governing Council AGM following the Meet the LS Teacher on the 19th of February.

Peter V. Amerl,
ASMS Governing Council, Chair