Welcome to a year of extraordinary learning at the ASMS in 2018.

We welcome our new year 10 students on Jan 29, beginning a week of immersion into our learning programs: Biodiversity, Order from Chaos, 3D’s (Dream, Design & Develop) and Learning Studies. During this time we will get to know each other better and prepare for learning that is driven by student’s curiosity and challenges their thinking. We will look for patterns in nature and the world around us, use mathematical modelling to help us better understand our world, explore our natural world and consider why diversity is so important to our future and dream big as we design and develop our solutions to the wicked problems of our world.

Our year 12 teaching teams have worked up a fabulous induction into SACE Stage 2 beginning with a day-long seminar program focused on wellbeing for learning. We are especially excited about our increasingly strong embedding of emerging technologies in our learning programs, including the use of AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and simulations using photonics and holograms.  2018 at the ASMS is set to be a year that engages our students in inquiry-rich collaborative learning enabling them to follow their passion, build their confidence as learners and connect with experts in the fields of science and mathematics from industry, universities and research.

Jayne Heath,
Principal ASMS