Week 1 has been a busy first week for our students and staff!

We are delighted that our 400 students, including 131 new Year 10 students and half a dozen Year 11s, are settling in well. Continuing students have been helping our new students adjust to the ASMS learning environment.

I spoke to a group of year 10 boys this morning. One of them said that so far, it doesn’t seem like school! Of course I said, well, it certainly is a school…and he went on to say that it’s relaxing, and he likes being able to make choices about who he sits with and how to approach each learning task. Another student said that he thought the portal was well organised, and he could easily access his information and expectations.


In Learning Common 8, these students were exploring the thinking processes of an inventor of their choice, and identifying strategies they could use to develop their ideas in the ‘Concept and Create’ Central Study. On Thursday 11 February, Year 10 and 11 students will be introduced to entrepreneurial processes at the Futurepreneurs Launchpad, an event organised by Sasha which ties in with the themes taught in this course.

Downstairs, the girls were busy in their maths classes – roughly 40% of our students are girls. Our latest data sets show that our girls are achieving lower results than boys in mathematics, and that as a group they have less self-efficacy in regards to learning. To address this, this semester we are trialling an all-female maths class to see if we can improve those results.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas.

Susan Hyde, ASMS Principal


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