Turn your Televisions on to Channel 11 this Thursday 8 August at 8:00am and you will see two familiar faces!  Joaquin and Mia (year 10s) will be educating all of Australia on the subject of blubber!  How do arctic animals stay warm?…  Mia and Joaquin will guide us through all the steps required to make our own blubber-glove, to experience what it’s like to have a layer of blubber that protects your hand from the cold.  If you think this is interesting, you’ll just have to watch the show on Thursday to learn more!  I asked Mia about her experience and she said, “you watch TV all the time and don’t really every think about how shows are made.  It was really cool to be behind-the-scenes to see how a show is actually produced!”  Joaquin said, “you can fail your lines 27 consecutive times and the film crew won’t even yell at you; they’re great.”  Excellent work you two, we can’t wait to see your star power! 

If you miss the airing of this episode, watch this space to access links so you can watch it later! http://tenplay.com.au/channel-eleven/scope