Semester 2 has kicked off with lights and action! In the Truth and Perception Central Study we have immersed students into a sequence of learning that includes the physics and strangeness of light, and some philosophy and weirdness of human perception. Over weeks 9 and 10, students have spent their class time having lively class discussions as they explored a wide variety of hands-on activities such as:

  • experiencing visual illusions, interesting sound perceptions, and altered touch perceptions
  • mixing coloured RGB lights and shining torches through fingers and coloured film
  • shining lasers through double slits and clouds of CO2
  • rotating layers of polarised film, to ‘see’ like a dung beetle
  • shining UV light on fluorescent flowers to ‘see’ like a bee
  • using an infrared camera to ‘see’ like a snake
  • calculating vision levels using eye-charts
  • measuring reflected and refracted angles with mirrors and prisms

Have a look at what’s to come!:

Please ask your child if they think that light is a particle (photon) or a wave (electromagnetic radiation)? See if their experiences in Truth and Perception has led them to any conclusions about what is true or real!