Mindfulness is a mind-body approach to well-being. Research shows that mindfulness can help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress (Mental Health Foundation, UK).

In 2014 the students and staff participated in a 6 week trial of mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation activities. This year the school has started a new program called Learning Studies and lessons learned from last year’s trial of mindfulness and relaxation have been included in the new program.

In 2015 students will participate for 30 minutes each week in the Triple M program – Mindfulness, Music and Movement. Through the three aspect of Triple M students will have a choice of relaxation activities each week. The range of available activities will be expanded and varied throughout the year.

On Friday 6th February, with the outdoor temperature in the high 30s, the whole school took part in 30 minutes of activities in the school buildings. Students were able to juggle, do carpet bowls, play a variety of indoor ball games, play charades, play card games, play musical instruments and get involved in other music activities. For 30 minutes students were keenly and deeply involved in their chosen activities which kept them away from their mobile phones, computers and tablets.

While most students enjoyed the chance to get away from studying for 30 minutes, some students are challenged by the idea that leaving their studies for 30 minutes will actually help them learn better. We believe that by having a variety of activities students will be able to select the activities that best suits them and over the year they will learn to include relaxation and mindfulness in their study programs and their lives.