Learning Studies Teams have once again gone head-to-head in their first challenge since Activities Day.  Colour teams battled by building a 1.8 metre freestanding tower using a limited tool box of materials, but also using the fewest materials and therefore producing the cheapest tower.  This apparently simple challenge uses creative thinking, problem solving, team-work/mentoring and design skills. Students learnt that good planning and simplicity of design often provide elegant, workable solutions. As well, they discovered that adhering to the design brief lead to successful solutions, and exceeding the brief may not have been a successful path.  After trial builds and a final competition, the Red Team was most successful, followed by Green, Blue and Gold.  The ASMS learned about this Tower Challenge in 2016 when David Cropley (from Uni. SA) worked with staff on the topic of Creativity & Innovation.  We are all looking forward to the next LSG challenge!