Since the dawn of humanity we have sought to harness the energy contained within systems for the betterment of humankind.

Our inquisitive nature has helped develop our understanding, and the fundamental concepts of Energy and its pivotal role in improving society.

The abundance of readily available fuels such as wood, coal, oil and gas drove significant changes in our society and brought about the industrial revolution.

The explosion of Nuclear powered reactors, Fission and the potential for Fusion, created an opportunity to harness an almost limitless supply of energy but at a significant environmental and societal cost.

As our energy demands increase, and our awareness of the environmental and ethical impact of our choices grows, the need for renewable and efficient sources of fuel becomes pivotal in the sustainability of our life here on Earth.

The Energy Equation provides deep learning to develop student’s understanding of the relationship between energy and society via three distinct modules;

  • Burn the World, fossil fuels and historical energy sources
  • Set Fire to the Sky, nuclear Power has the potential to bring balance to the Energy Equation, but at what cost?
  • Fuel the Future, sustainable and renewable resources for a better future

These modules support learners to balance competing issues and perspectives involved in the use of energy in society through the lens of History, Science, Maths, English and Technology.

Teachers of The Energy Equation are enthusiastic catalysts of learning eager to create learning that is extraordinary, relevant, challenging, and at times uncomfortable. Supporting learners who will be leaders of the future and collaborative agents of change.