Term 3 closed with the epic role play of a United Nations Earth Summit! Students brought their A-game and amazed us with their strong problem solving capabilities, analytical mindsets and deep, thoughtful arguments.

Most students worked in teams to represent different countries or organisations such as Amnesty International, World Health Organisation or World Bank. Year 10 students could nominate to be part of the Organising Committee or Media Team, that oversee and capture the action of the event. All students, regardless of their role, were required to present an argument from a country/organisation perspective OR a summary of the arguments for and against the proposal. Students followed a strict timeline to nominate and be assigned roles, create A3 poster summaries, and present their substantiated arguments at the final Summit.

The premise for Earth Summit 2017 was: In the International Decade of Action on Nutrition, it is timely to remember that the ecological, socio-cultural and economic sustainability of our planet is of fundamental importance to life. Each country must be responsible for the sustainable management of its own natural resources.

The critical proposal to be argued was: Millions of hectares of fertile land have been acquired through deals between countries and/or corporations, displacing local food production for export interests. We propose all countries be responsible for the provision of food for their own citizens and only excess food be used for export. Countries will not be able to purchase land in foreign countries to secure food unless that country has excess food production and land.

Very similar to what happens in the real UN debates, the countries could not carry the proposal forward… so back to the drawing boards we go!