Student agency is a very large part of the effective learning culture at ASMS. Students are encouraged at every opportunity to own their own learning now and into the future. At ASMS, students exercise their agency in many unique ways which is highlighted by the actions of the ‘Change Makers’.

The Change Makers’ addressed staff late last year to report on student feedback and have instigated change in the curriculum and the school culture.

This year the student group:

  • Is working closely with Central Studies staff in the co-development of Learning Materials with a focus on Mathematics SAT pieces.
  • Has instigated the offering of a new Stage 2 subject, ‘Extraordinary Learning’ where Year 12 students are able to study and explore their passion through a chosen SACE assessment framework.
  • Continue to work closely with Professor Yong Zhao in exploring the evolving possibilities and challenges in creating schools which will build future thinkers and innovators.
  • A copy of the groups’ latest feedback to Professor Yong Zhao and other school groups can be found here.
  • The Change Makers are now networking with student bodies in other schools throughout South Australia to continue their implementation of cutting edge educational philosophies focused around student agency.