Kaviya recently won a $5,000 grant towards building a voice-controlled wheelchair, and a plant which texts farmers information about moisture levels in the soil. An article celebrating her achievements was recently published on AdelaideNow.

Kaviya’s invention has also been featured in the Stock Journal.

Kaviya is improving the texting plant by adding an app with Bluetooth capabilities, not only making the texting plant more applicable, but also reducing its size. She is planning to finish her modifications within six months, install them in selected farms, and receive further feedback before getting ready for commercialisation. Kaviya will then focus her attention on the voice controlled wheelchair.

Kaviya’s interest in electronics began in primary school, and was greatly supported by the Stemsel Foundation​. “I get all my components from them, and they have been instrumental in boosting my interest in electronics.”

“I also want to thank my school for giving me the opportunity to explore my interests, and for the encouragement.”

Well done, Kaviya!