On Monday 24/02/2014 a team of students went to the Marion Aquatics Centre for the Swimming Carnival. Our team was small but our competitive spirit was great.

Our male team had only 2 competitors but they were fierce competitors. ShDSC03679 eldon (Skanes) went in 4 events and scored 3 third places. Jake (Mounfield) went in 4 events and came away with four first places. Nice job guys.

The ladies team had 5 swimmers and they came 5 out of 8 schools (even competing against teams who had a full complement of swimmers). Harriet (Beard) came first in both of

her events. Nicole (De Langen) third

in both of her events. Alex (Roberts-

Viney) finished first and second in her 2 events, while Lydea (Phillips) got 2


seconds and a third for her three events. Shonie (Nurmi) went in 5 events and got five firsts. Very nice going ladies.

Special thanks to Jamo, Deb and Debbie for their organisation beforehand and to all the staff who took reliefs and did other jobs on the day.

To finish I think I can say a great day was had by all.

John Rowe and Kay Gillett