In Sustainable Futures, students have been focused on developing their literacy and numeracy capabilities. As part of the English component of the program, students have been reading and writing short narratives or vignettes (descriptive pieces) that explore an idea related to ‘sustainable futures’. In recent weeks, students spent time exploring natural and built spaces surrounding the ASMS, and practiced using various features to ‘paint a picture’ of people and places in a reader’s mind.

It has been great to see some amazing young writers emerge, and to see students expressing some big ideas in a creative way! Students have also spent time sharing their stories and providing feedback to their peers. In a related maths investigation, students have been learning about exponents and logarithms by exploring population increase and resource availability. Making predictions, students have been encouraged to consider how they might incorporate/reflect these predictions through their creative writing.

studying for the Peer Review Narrative in Sustainable Futures