Over the last few weeks in Sustainable Futures we’ve been looking at the state of our environment on a global scale. Students are working in groups which have each chosen a particular country to explore. They have been tasked with identifying and understanding a key sustainability issue faced by that country, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework.

Students presented their findings at this week’s Earth Summit – a UN-style forum (held at Flinders University), where each group had the opportunity to advocate for how funding could be used to support sustainability solutions. Through the summit (which included a range of live polls of participants) and preceding activities, students have developed their understanding of sustainability issues and both current and potential responses available to them at a national, regional and global level.

In this year’s Earth Summit, we were also lucky enough to have keynote presentations from esteemed guests Prof. Ian Lowe (A group) and Prof. Corey Bradshaw (B group). Students will have the option to analyse these presentations more closely as part of an upcoming English task, if they wish.

Earth Summit 2019, held in Flinders University’s Humanities Lecture Theatre