Since returning from the holiday break, students have been exploring the interaction between science and society in their class, Sustainable Futures. To demonstrate their learning, they have selected an innovation, advancement, issue or discovery related to environmental sustainability to explore further.

To support them in coming up with their own inquiry question, students have collaboratively explored a range of environmental issues and potential solutions, such as plastic pollution and its effects on global oceans (including the recent discovery of a plastic-eating bacteria), the water cycle and human disruptions to it, and freshwater scarcity. As part of our joint exploration, students got hands-on and built a water filter in order to better understand how the causes and impacts of sustainability issues, and the scope for implementation of solutions, can vary significantly in different parts of the world. Students also had the exciting opportunity to sample edible insects – an offer many of them took up! On the menu was dehydrated tyrant ants, ant candy, BBQ snack crickets, mealworms with saltbush and rosemary, and brownies cooked with cricket protein powder. As part of the exercise, students were encouraged to think about how our views are influenced and shaped, and to reflect on what changes in mindset, behaviours and/or sacrifices they were willing to make in order to live more sustainably.