Welcome back to Angus and Cooper (both Year 10 – ages 14 & 15) who just got back from competing in Queensland! The Aussies (Australian Titles) is where competitors from all over the world compete in the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.  Events include flags, sprints, swim, board, the ironman, team’s board relay, swim team, the taplin, sprint relay, and ski relay.  Our very own students, Angus and Cooper, went to the Gold Coast for the last 2 weeks to participate in this massive competition…  Well done guys!  Recently, both boys competed in the State Titles championship where they placed in many events and Cooper even came out in First in Boards!  “I’ve trained in gymnastics for 7 years and have been doing SLS for about 6 years.  I like training because it gives me a positive lifestyle and sense of fulfilment.  It is sometimes difficult to balance my schoolwork, but I manage to fit it all in.” – Cooper