This term, we welcomed over 100 future students to ‘come and try’ the ASMS!

Students joined us for an Observation Day, a structured learning opportunity and chance to see our school in action with a current student as their buddy and guide.

ASMS buddies welcomed our future students and included them in their learning, allowing them to experience the learning culture at our school. Visiting students then noted their observations of what they saw/heard/thought as they attended our Central Studies and Learning Studies programs.

While joining a new school as different as the ASMS is a big move, we support our students through every step of their transition, starting with an Observation Day. Here’s what some of our visitors had to say of their experience:

I think I’ll thrive in this kind of working environment. I can see myself doing really well here and setting myself up for a successful future pathway.

My buddy was legendary. He’s just like me! He made everything at the ASMS easier to understand.

From the experience I had today and the work I participated in, I think this environment will really support my style of learning.

When new students then join us in Term 1, they are fully supported through a comprehensive Transition Program. In Learning Studies, our new students are linked with and mentored by existing Year 11s and 12s, and students participate in activities that better enable them to initiate friendships, build relationships with their teachers and develop social networks as they are orientated with our school.