Some of our students recently won a grant to develop an educational app!

The ASMS is home to a group of students who have dedicated much of their extra time and energy into D3, an interactive game in which the user is given the chance to choose how their story ends.

The birth of the D3 project occurred over the long school break at the end of 2015. A group of passionate, young programmers competed against other teams across the country to produce the best pitch for a digital solution for domestic abuse. The team took out the prize of $20,000, that was used to help fund the first level of the D3 game, which followed the story of two friends who get into trouble over a lie. The game is targeted at 9-13 year olds, and the stories will delve into general life situations that this demographic may be facing, such as bullying. Over the past school holidays, the D3 team presented their game at AVCON in the Indie games room – and before you ask, none of them cosplayed!

Currently, the team has only created one basic demo story, however this is only the beginning of their plan. They were recently given a $60,000 grant to produce their game, which they will use to commission artists and musicians, to buy equipment, to pay for voice actors, sound effects, scriptwriting, and marketing. The team plans to have a more developed game out on the iTunes store by halfway through next year.