Compiled by Matt Jamieson

I asked students to answer two questions about the Shepparton Mammoth Scale event;

  1. What did you get out of the experience?
  2. What would you recommend to 2014 attendees?

Well I can just say that I can’t put into words the feelings I had when we were there and afterwards were just incredible. The event was electrifying to say the least and I just tell people that they have to experience this event to know what I mean. Everyone that was at the event was welcoming and appreciated the effort we had put into the planes. To those going next year; definitely bring shorts so that when the weather warms up you can change into cooler clothes! Also set aside some money in case you want to buy a plane through the stores at the event. You are looking at around $100 to $120.

Matt Smith

Get there early so that you can put the tent up in day time…..(won’t be a problem in 2014 since we know where we are going…….).  Watching all the other planes fly and seeing the time and effort that the people there put in. Bring entertainment for the car ride. Appropriate clothing for the cold nights. Hat and sunscreen. Sun glasses. Patience.

Patrick Strolz

When we went to Shepparton it was fun. There was a lot of down time, so playing cards and such. But don’t get me wrong it was really fun. Good for bonding. Tips for next year; save at least 1 month in advance if you would like to buy a plane or helicopter. Also when looking for food make sure you find the yiros place near Safeway!

Anthony Kyriakopolous

When we went to Shepparton multiple things would have been great to know before going. One being bring something for your free time like cards. Two, you can have a fire, keep that in mind because three, it is freezing at times. Always bring warm clothes. Other than that the trip was enjoyable and a great experience. Being able to see everyone’s’ creations fly, crash, everything was exciting. Although sometimes it was boring so we needed to keep something to do.

Nic Hunt

We learnt about the different planes and how they fly but also that the model aero club community is larger than expected. Make sure you have clothing for all sorts of weather. Bring playing cards etc. because there may be some standing around. Bring extra money just in case you see a plane you would like to buy.

Lewis Cripps-Gray

On this trip I noticed most of the planes were bigger and more detailed than the ones we made. The camping was good but would recommend bringing either your own tent as or not let lots of people in if you are sharing as they get very messy. You should bring cards to play with as there is some sitting about during the day.

James Murphy

I found it good to see our work was appreciated and it was cool to see other planes people had built. Seeing more planes has inspired me to continue on to make another plane next year. Brings cards, warm clothes and lots of dry fire wood so you can start a fire.

Cameron Schrapel

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