An update on the ASMS red-cycle project run by the Single-use Plastic Free (SUPF) student committee. This dedicated group of students have met weekly this year to make ASMS single-use plastic free by 2020.

Earlier this year, SUPF purchased several bins and placed them around the school and after just 15 weeks of implementation, over 20kg of soft plastic had been collected for recycling. Since this initial project, the group have worked hard and accomplished several new accomplishments:

  • Several SUPF members have since travelled to Pasadena Foodland to discuss the issue of single-use plastic packaging. The results were highly informative and allowed them to gain a greater understanding of the issue from another valuable perspective. 
  • After being approached by a local primary school, the SUPF team created a Primary School Outreach Program and offered further schools the opportunity to hear about our new system. They designed a session to educate and engage young learners about the issue of plastic pollution and provided them with solutions they could implement in their school and homes to reduce their usage off single-use plastic.
  • A fund-raising event was held; “Nude Food Day,” where students brought in ‘nude food’ that was purchased, prepared and consumed without the use of single use plastic. The day was a huge success, with many ingenious recipes created and over $250 dollars raised for the charity. 
  • SUPF was also involved with our International Science Fair (ISF), resulting in a new Challenge Based Inquiry based around plastic. During ISF, two Plastic Oceans Australasia representatives flew from Melbourne to participate and awarded our SUPF group with certificates acknowledging our efforts over 2019.

Well done to all involved! What a dedicated team and large transformation of the school and local community!