Every year our staff engage in a range of professional learning to ensure that they are continuing to offer the best learning experiences for ASMS students. This occurs through our Tuesday afternoon professional learning program and our student free days.

There are two upcoming student free days. The first is on Friday 7 June. The plans for this day allow staff collaborative time together to engage in assessment and moderation processes from semester 1 learning programs. This ensures that all students are receiving high quality feedback about their learning and that all students (regardless of their class teacher) are assessment consistently and comparably. This is an important part of the teaching and learning cycle. The second student free day is on Monday 24 June. The focus for this day is for staff to work collaboratively to finalise their teaching and learning programs for semester 2. All of our learning programs are designed collaboratively by a team of interdisciplinary teachers to ensure all students have access to high quality learning opportunities through a contemporary curriculum. As many of you would be aware the ASMS has impact & influence as part of their strategic directions and our own professional learning plays a key role in the impact and influence we can have with other educators and schools.

If you have any questions about the professional learning that our staff engage with throughout the year I would be happy for you to get in touch. Karla Pobke – Director of Professional Learning