The Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS) was founded in 2003 to provide leadership for reform and innovation in science and mathematics education through curriculum development, research, and professional learning services. The ASMS contributes to the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Skills Strategy for South Australia.

Over the last 10 years, the school has supported many other schools to develop innovative approaches to mathematics and science education based on the approaches developed at ASMS. The school has a number of key successes, such as the development of an open learning environment, interdisciplinary learning programs, and pedagogy that enhances the success of students in STEM learning. The school has a high rate of articulation into science, medical and engineering studies at Universities across Australia.

At the ASMS we embrace the diversity of learning, encourage students to be self-directed learners, and place great importance on collaborative learning for the entire ASMS community. Our students can shape their learning to best achieve their learning goals. Our teachers are supported to reflect and learn, to improve their capacity to deliver a leading-edge STEM curriculum using engaging pedagogy designed to suit the needs of each individual learner. We actively pursue partnerships with community and industry that best support our students to learn, and to achieve their post-school pathways.


Strategic Directions 2014 – 2023

A curriculum for the future

At the ASMS students learn through interdisciplinary studies based in the new and emerging sciences with a strong focus on developing the self-directed learner. The natural extension to this is for teachers and students to work together to co-design learning.

Innovative pathways to get results

Students at the ASMS have several options to pursue their preferred post-school pathways. To be successful, all students need to develop relevant capabilities and dispositions that support them in their future pathways.

Connected to community, industry and internationally

Partnerships with the ASMS community include Flinders University, alumni, and industry. Partner schools both within and beyond Australia are vital to a flourishing learning environment at the ASMS.

Professional impact and influence

Teacher quality matters in quality education. The School’s Charter requires that the ASMS provides professional learning services about curriculum and assessment design, and pedagogical practices to improve STEM learning.

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