Ben Walden encourages ASMS students to ‘Stand Up Tall’.

As a teacher, nothing is more addictive than working with a student and witnessing their world expand via their acquisition of skills and knowledge. After working with teachers and students in the United Kingdom, former Globe Theatre Actor, Ben Walden, experienced this feeling and chose to move away from the stage and use his performance skills to present highly entertaining and thought provoking workshops in the education sector.

On Tuesday, both staff and students were lucky enough to experience Ben’s wisdom and advice. Our students witnessed Ben’s ‘Stand Up Tall’ workshop in which he provoked thought and discussion on various elements of personal leadership including effective communication strategies and owning emotional responses.

Ben’s unique skills make him a totally captivating presenter who utilises powerful stories to encourage students to have a sentient awareness of their communication style, how they interact with others and to think about how they show leadership over their own life.

At times the stories were incredibly moving, at others hilarious and I am confident most found the experience very inspirational. I encourage you to search some of the segments that are available on Ben’s website or YouTube if you would like to discover more about this remarkable speaker.

Lisa Pope, Leader Interdisciplinary Learning Design