The ASMS regularly plays a variety of sports during lunchtime, as well as participating in a few inter-school competitions – see below for a summary of what we’ve done so far!



The first lunch time sport at the A.S.M.S. was the powerful hitting sport of VOLLEYBALL! All teams were fighting as hard as they could to make the finals. The two teams who made it there were Red & Yellow. It was a difficult game for both teams, but the winner ended up being RED!

Well done to all of the students that participated in the events. The final standings for the event were as follows:

  • 1st: Red
  • 2nd: Yellow
  • 3rd: Green
  • 4th: Blue


Indoor Soccer

During the past few weeks A.S.M.S. have been competing in an indoor soccer competition where we ended up filling two all-male teams for indoor soccer. Team 1 A.S.M.S have played two games, one against Blackwood, which they drew 3 all and the other against Emmaus, which they lost 2-4. Team 2 A.S.M.S. have now played three games, against Emmaus, Seaview and Blackwood. They won against Emmaus, A.S.M.S. 2 Emmaus 1 and lost against Seaview and Blackwood, A.S.M.S. 0 Seaview 6 and A.S.M.S. 1 Blackwood 7.


Diving Deep into the Competition

On the 29th of February 6 people competed in a swimming carnival against 8 other schools. When A.S.M.S. arrived we had the smallest group of people competing, but that didn’t stop us. Connor (Year 10) and Ainsleigh (Year 11) were the two stands out for the day, winning all of the events that they participated in. It was a great effort from Lucas, Bonnie, Jonas, and Lydea who also participated during the day. A.S.M.S. ended up with 161 points in the boys and 192 in the girl’s categories, ending with a great effort of 8th overall. A big thanks goes out to the teachers that went along to the event, Charlotte and Lachlan and also a big thanks to the timekeepers, Jesse, Sinead and Ella who took time out of school to support the swimmers and help out.


This article was written by Ben.