STEMtacular was spectacular – again!

On Saturday 27 February, nearly 200 visitors joined us for our annual Fringe event, STEMtacular, and a fantastic time was had by all. Thirteen stations were led by 31 ASMS students with support from 12 of our staff and we had an incredible afternoon of fun and learning.

Our stations ranged from Shoot the Monkey (not a real one!) to Muscle Spikers, our Voxon hologram machine and many more. Lego Robotics and Fruit Batteries were surprising hits and the presenters for these stations were overrun for the entire session! Flinders University STEM Outreach once again brought along a fantastic range of hands-on activities, much to the delight of our visitors. All of our students were excellent ambassadors for both our school and for learning STEM.

Many thanks to the students who made this possible, the families who supported their attendance, and our staff who so enthusiastically engaged with this activity.