For all those who missed the airing this morning; there’s still time!  In the link below, watch Anastasia (year 11) educating all of Australia on the subject of hydroponics.  Think you need soil to grow plants?… think again!  Ana guides us through all the steps required to make our own small-scale system for growing herbs and salad greens.  If you think this is interesting, you’ll just have to watch below to learn more!

I asked Anastasia what it was like to know she was being filmed for a TV production at school and she said, “I felt honoured to be given such an amazing opportunity. Not only was it a great experience, but it was great to meet the crew and see what goes on behind the scenes. I had heaps of fun and would love to do it again!”  Excellent work Ana!

If you missed the airing of this episode, you can watch it now. Anastasia’s section begins at 11min 25sec in:!