Dear Parents/Caregivers

Year 11 students will soon be involved in the process of making subject selections for their program of study for SACE Stage 2 in 2015.

We invite you to be actively involved in this process with your son/daughter in the following ways:

Engage in rich discussions with them about their aspirations and plans for their future

  • Consider their study strengths and weaknesses as they have demonstrated this during their time at school
  • Help them find information and advice that support a meaningful decision about study for next year and beyond
  • Talk with them about the information and ideas they are presenting in their Personal Learning Plan.

Final subject selections must be formally endorsed by the student, parent/caregiver and Tutor Group teacher. Undisputed forms can be signed and returned to school. If an interview is required these will be held on or before Wednesday October 22 at time arranged with you. Your child’s tutor group teacher will inform you if an interview is required.

The following are some key documents that support the course counselling process:
ASMS Stage 2 Subjects 2015

Achieve; A guide for students preparing for Stage 2 of the SACE
SATAC: tertiary entrance 2015 -2017

Links to these documents are available on the front of the ASMS website

The students also have an extensive range of other resources that will be made available to them through the Tutor Group program.

We look forward to your involvement in the subject selection and course counselling process.

Please feel welcome to contact me personally if you would like any specific assistance along the way.

ASMS Stage 2 Subjects 2015

SACE Subject selection 2015

SACE subject selection letter to parents 2015

Susan Hyde