What are students learning in Research Project (RP) and Student Inquiry Project (SIP)?

When do year 11 students start year 12? Effectively the answer is right now as all year 11 students are currently choosing topics for their individual Research Projects. Research Project is a year 12 subject and the results achieved are a part of the students ATAR/year 12 results.

While often debated in the media, Research Project is a subject that is highly regarded by our local universities. Flinders University clearly stating on their website that they view success in the Research Project as a strong predictor of student success at university level. As such, Flinders have put in place mechanisms to boost the entrance score for approximately 80% of their courses based on high achievement in the Research Project.

In order to start to develop the necessary capabilities and skills and prepare for the Research Project, year 10 students, working alongside their year 11 colleagues, also undertake an Inquiry Project. This work is resulted at SACE Stage 1 level and contributes 10 points to achievement of their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

In keeping with the school’s focus on Science and Mathematics we encourage students to select a ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related topic to research. Over the semester ahead the students will need to research their selected topic question utilising a number of valid research methodologies, analyse results, identify valid findings and evaluate their research processes. The infographic highlights key assessment dates. I encourage you to discuss and provide feedback to students on their topics and research plans.

SIP and RP Key Dates