It is the end of term and we are all readying ourselves for our two week break. In the lead up we have all been reflecting on our student’s growth and achievement since the beginning of the year. Students have written their comments taking stock of progress towards their learning goals and have made plans for the next two terms. In my reading of these comments I have been impressed by how well our students understand themselves as learners and their insightful reflections, especially about things they can improve on and strategies they hope will assist them in achieving their goals. Our Capabilities Matrix seems to have been a useful tool in supporting students to track where they have had opportunities to develop capabilities such as literacy and numeracy as well as the capacity to be critical and creative in their thinking. I have also noted the commitment to developing their social and inter-personal skills and thus seeking and accessing feedback on their learning on a regular basis. I have written earlier about how feedback is vital to the learning process so am pleased to read how well our students are taking this on board! We look closely at our student’s comments, using these to help us better understand their goals and focus to ensure they continue to grow as learners and achieve their goals. In particular, we are looking at our student’s growth in confidence as they tackle increasingly complex tasks, often through working on applications of knowledge and concepts to the new contexts.

We have welcomed several new students into our school community to commence semester two. They have been warmly welcomed into our school and as I observed in Adventure Space, some have been recruited into our sport teams already!

The past few weeks have provided our students with many opportunities to follow their passion. We have had students involved in HerTechPath a network supporting young women to engage with technology, SharkTank eSchool entrepreneurial program, Education Hack 4.0 working with Flinders Uni New Venture Institute, Dream Big Festival which involved our students in working with over 300 primary school students interacting with neuroscience concepts, Debating competition and much more!

I wish to take this opportunity to thank our staff for the ongoing strong support they continue to provide our students and each other, together we achieve amazing things! The two week break provides the opportunity for a change of routine, to take a rest and to re-charge. I wish all a safe and restful break and look forward to another term of extraordinary learning when we return on 22 July.

~ Jayne Heath, Principal