For students to be able to see first-hand what they are learning in our school curriculum being used in authentic situations is an invaluable learning experience. Being partnered with Flinders University provides us with many opportunities to do just that! Recently our students visited the Tonsley campus of Flinders as part of their learning about motion in our Central Study “Body in Question”. It not only helps our students see the relevance of what they are learning, they also get to meet people working in the field and to ask lots of questions to help our students to better understand the concepts. Here’s some of the thank you comments for the Tonsley staff involved from our students:

Amazing! Made me question my career path to do something more tech related 😊

Wow, mind-blowingly wonderful cool stuff. We really enjoyed connecting what we are doing in our CS to a practical real life application!

Thank you to the Tonsley Tour staff. We love the enthusiasm and learning the motion analysis and learning about different tools used in surgery.

Our work with Flinders University includes much more than visits and presentations. Our connections help us to plan learning programs that are in line with emerging sciences, include up to date resources and information and enable our students to develop capabilities and dispositions required for 21stC STEM related environments. ASMS staff also support Flinders University education research, undertake post graduate study and are involved in undergraduate teacher education programs. Being on the campus of Flinders provides our staff and students unique access to some amazing resources including the library, sports facilities and café.

Mid-semester is Learning Conversation time. Our students are supported by their LSG teacher to reflect on their achievements and challenges in the Learning Conversations. Sitting in on several conversations I heard student’s considered comments on their learning and on the effectiveness of various strategies they had used to achieve their goals. Being able to identify what works well and having ideas about how to take control of their learning is empowering and is a focus of our work as educators at the ASMS.

It’s been a busy term, I hope you enjoy reading about some of our activities in this edition of info@ASMS!