“Here, you learn more than the curriculum”. This was a statement made by a member of the ASMS Governing Council (GC) at our March 1st parent information night, when over 70 parents participated in our GC facilitated session “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Settling into a new school can be a bit daunting, especially so when the school is a little bit different to what you are used to. So in response to this our GC have offered a series of short early evening sessions to assist parents and families in getting to know our school and how we operate. The wisdom of those who have had children attend the ASMS is shared and participants have the opportunity to meet other parents, so keep your eye open for the Term 2 event.

It can take time to find your passion, so having the chance to explore emerging technologies and working with others who are curious about their world as part of our learning programs is always exciting and considering possible study and career pathways associated with these technologies a bonus! Our Thursday Session 3 time is ideal for some serious play and exploring time, this year Simon Illingworth has been working with our students to establish groups based on their interest and passion. Simon’s reflection captures our excitement of our first week of the new program: From amazing Art work planned, ideation ideas/concepts that blow my mind, philosophical discussion about the moments in time that have shaped where and who we are, links between individuals that include language development and concepts or light/physics, thoughts about the math behind facial recognition all to the wonderful sounds of music coming from down stairs…..truly inspiring. Simon has ensured our students are leading this part of our program and we are looking forward to future exploits!

ASMS students’ passion for all things science and maths was evident when we asked for volunteers to be involved in our second STEMtacular. As part of the Adelaide Fringe, the ASMS ran our event on Saturday 27 Feb at our school, which was booked out weeks in advance! With the help of over 30 students and 12 staff plus 2 alumni. We welcomed over 150 visitors to our school who were keen to have as much hands-on STEM experience as possible. Opportunities for our students to challenge themselves with new experiences is a high priority for us at ASMS. You will read about some of these in this newsletter.