The 2021 school year has got off to a great start! Our students were certainly keen to get back to school and have launched themselves into their learning with enthusiasm.

Since the end of last school year our staff have been working on reviewing and updating our learning programs to reflect contemporary contexts and strengthen our focus on supporting students to develop the capabilities required to navigate their way in the world.

Our 2020 graduates can feel proud of their accomplishments. 100% of students seeking a university pathway were successful in obtaining an offer for a position in a course. 93% of our students were offered a place based on their first or second preference. 75% or these were in STEM related course, over 50% for courses at Flinders University.

We are thrilled to welcome new students to our school for the commencement of the 2021 school year. Their Learning Studies group has made sure they have been supported to get to know their way around the school and to feel a part of our school community.

Introducing our new & returning staff members:

Nikki Asikas

Hello! I was fortunate to undertake a yearlong internship at the ASMS whilst undertaking my final practicum as a Master of Teaching student last year. I major in both Biology and Psychology and I have been welcomed back to the ASMS this year for my first year of teaching. I am blessed to be a part of the wonderful Stage 2 Psychology team and the ‘Body in Question’ team this year. 

For those who know me, you’ll remember that I co-lead the Adventure Space ‘Ukes of Hazard’ where we build custom ukuleles last year alongside another pre-service teacher called Thomas. I am always happy to have a chat about anything ukulele, ideation studio or anything science related.

Tun Apiwattanakorn

I was born and grew up in Thailand where my family – mum, dad, sister, and brother – still live. After working as an Industrial Engineer for a number of years in Thailand, I came to Adelaide to undertake an MBA. Although my original intention was to return to Thailand after my Masters, with a view to climbing the corporate ladder, I fell in love with Australia – at the same time as developing a passion for Education. After completing my Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Adelaide, I was posted to a country school where I stayed for 10 years – mainly teaching maths.

ASMS is my first city school posting – and what a school it is! This is obviously a very special place with a wonderful sense of community, committed to helping all of us do our best for each other. It’s a place where I learn something new every day – from staff and students alike. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome.

Adnan Abu-Ajamieh

I am returning to the ASMS after teaching for one year at the Heights School where I taught science for year 8, 10 and physics for years 11 and 12. I taught at the ASMS between 2016-2019.

My background is in industrial and manufacturing engineering and before becoming a teacher I worked in the automotive industry as Quality Assurance Engineer for about 8 years. I can support students in physics, mathematics, and engineering. I will also be supporting students in the Ideation studio . This year I am teaching Year 12 Industrial Design and Communication systems in addition to my Learning Studies 19 and “ Adventure Space”. My office is in LC4.

Simon Illingworth

After an opportunity in 2020 for a leadership position at another site, I have returned in a slightly different role than previously as Leader of Student Agency and Future Pathways, this includes working with others to build partnership with outside agencies.

I am very excited to return to the ASMS and look forward to working with the students, staff and wider community to ensure high quality teaching and learning opportunities for young people.

We have lots planned for our 2021 school year, many exciting events and activities. I look forward to sharing these with you across the year.

Jayne Heath