Truth and Perception

  In Truth and Perception, students will examine some of the theories about light, chemical reactions, biological processes and the purpose of language and images. They will explore [...]

Sustainable Futures

  Sustainable Futures explores the myriad of possibilities for humanities and the planet’s future. Students explore possible futures from a number of perspectives, principally by [...]

The Energy Equation

  In The Energy Equation students will engage with a hands on approach to the exploration of Energy; where we source our energy needs from, the efficiency of these sources and the approaches [...]

Medical Engineering

  Medical engineering is a rapidly evolving field with a profound effect on society. This central study allows students to explore the complex interaction between context and innovation, and [...]

Concept and Create

  The world is changing, with rapidly emerging opportunities for innovation. This central study has as its focus the innovation cycle, with students identifying a problem and designing, [...]

Earth and Cosmos

  Earth and Cosmos explores our understandings of the sun, moon and stars, and the challenges of human space exploration. Students examine the evidence for the formation and structure of our [...]

Learning Studies

  The ASMS conducts a Learning Studies (LS) program that all students at the ASMS study. The Learning Studies program is a curriculum designed to support students in their learning and to [...]

Communication Systems

  In this Central Study students study electronic, biochemical, digital and language-based communication. They look at how humans interpret, change, adapt, transform and control [...]

Body in Question

  Body In Question explores the human body as a system from a number of perspectives, principally through ¬†human health issues. Students examine the nature of health and disease from the [...]

Student Inquiry Project

  In the Student Inquiry Project students undertake a detailed self-directed study in a area of interest.¬† The Student Inquiry Project promotes the development of research, investigation and [...]

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