In the Student Inquiry Project, students undertake a detailed self-directed study in an area of interest.  The Student Inquiry Project promotes the development of research, investigation and inquiry skills as well as the skills and abilities connected with organising and managing a sustained independent work effort.  The Student Inquiry Project can be related to and build on learning in an existing area of study for the student or can be with a separate declared area of interest. Completing the Student Inquiry Project leads to a SACE subject result in either Community Studies (Stage 1) or Research Project (Stage 2).

Via their individually selected STEM-related topic students develop a variety of research skills and capabilities that allows them to resolve their research question.

Initially, students undertake processes of topic refinement, including the requirement to present their research ideas to a feedback panel to develop their research question.

Students are strongly encouraged to incorporate a variety of research methodologies into their research in order to broaden their research base beyond archival research.

A wide variety of presentation modes and formats can be utilised by students to showcase their findings.

The final stage of the central study focuses on an evaluation of the effectiveness of research methods utilised by the student.

This course is a part of the ASMS Central Study curriculum. All students study it as part of the 2 year Central Study Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to develop students that are able to be successful in a range of pathways beyond school and as successful 21st-century learners both during their time at the ASMS and beyond.

The Student Inquiry Project Central Study is offered as a Stage 1 Research Practices (10 credits) for year 10 students and as the Stage 2 Research Project for year 11 students (10 credits).