The study of psychology enables students to understand their own behaviours and the behaviours of others. It has direct relevance to their personal lives. Psychological knowledge can be applied to improve outcomes and the quality of experience in various areas of life, such as education, intimate relationships, child rearing, employment and leisure.

Stage 2 Psychology will focus on the knowledge and understanding of 6 key learning areas and the application of the ideas within these areas to the real world.

  • Introduction to Psychology (Psychological research methodology)
  • Social Cognition
  • Altered States of Awareness
  • Personality
  • Learning
  • Healthy Minds

Students will develop understandings and skills such as problem-solving, critical questioning, scientific writing, research design application and familiarity with ethical frameworks. They will develop a range of graduate capabilities in their completion of both formative and summative tasks. This course will support students both in their general understanding of themselves and the behaviours of others and are relevant for University and the workplace. Through our connections with the Flinders University Psychology Department, the students will be supported to understand the role of a Psychologist through direct experience with psychologists and understand that there are numerous career fields in which Psychology can be applied to.

Psychology is a 20-credit subject in Stage 2 and can be used in calculating a student’s ATAR. The assessment has three components:

  1. Investigations (30%)
  2. Skills and Applications Tasks (40 %)
    • Topic Test
    • Healthy Minds Movie Analysis
    • Ethics Enquiry Forum
    • Social Applications Task
    • Persuasion Task
  3. SACE Examination (30 %)

Students are exposed to a variety of resources through Learning Menus and Flipped Classroom teaching approaches. Students will partake in learning activities through both self-directed learning and also teacher-led tutorials. There will be a focus on the application of their understanding and practical based learning activities within each topic covered. Researchers from Flinders University work with our students to develop their understanding of research methodology.