Medical engineering is a rapidly evolving field with a profound effect on society. This central study allows students to explore the complex interaction between context and innovation, and the process of designing and engineering solutions to problems. A study of the social context of the Second World War and the medical innovations in response leads into consideration of current medical technologies, the inspiration and process behind their designs, and the science and mathematics required to make them work. In the final third of the course, a codesigned inquiry project aiming to engineer a solution to a student-chosen medical problem provides the opportunity to put design skills into practice and make an impact.

What content will be covered?

Students will work to develop their individual and collaborative work, develop their ethical understanding and critical and creative thinking, and see different curriculum areas combine to solve complex human problems. Skills such as science inquiry, ethical argument, design and mathematical modelling are interleaved, drawing from content in Physics, Mathematics, English/EAL, Chemistry, History, Biology and Design and Technology.

Concepts covered in Medical Engineering include:

  • An understanding of inspiration and idea generation for engineering solutions
  • How to use the engineering process to design and refine a solution to a problem
  • Prototyping and refining a model
  • Exploring the diverse nature of medical engineering
  • The interplay of ethics and science through historical and contemporary examples
  • Constructing a formal analytical response to a provocative text
  • Modelling with polynomial functions in medical and other contexts
  • An understanding of the mathematical basis of quadratics and polynomials
  • Designing and planning a practical investigation
  • Analysis of investigation results and communication of scientific understanding
  • Self and social management to collaboratively work towards a long term goal

Where will this course take me?

This course is a part of the ASMS Central Study curriculum. All students study it as part of the 2-year Central Study Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to develop students that are able to be successful in a range of pathways beyond school and as successful 21st century learners both during their time at the ASMS and beyond.

How will the course be assessed?

Assessments throughout the Medical Engineering Central Study are assessed against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards for Year 10 students and against Stage 1 Performance Standards from Essential Mathematics, English and Scientific Studies for Year 11 students.

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