The Australian Science and Mathematics School is the only secondary school in SA formally offering Human Performance as a Stage 2 program. It is a recognised SACE 20 credit subject that attracts a university entrance score (ATAR).

Teaching and learning activities are directed towards the development of a sound conceptual basis within a contextual framework, recognising the impact of Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition and Psychology on the health and welfare of our society. Critical analysis and evaluation of information and process are emphasised. Student learning is supported by informal discussion during which students are encouraged to contribute experiences and perspectives of Health Science in their lives.

Practical work builds on previous experiences of design, safe and ethical performance, accurate recording of data, and interpretation and critical evaluation of procedures and results. In addition to the required practical investigations, the program includes many other activities which highlight relevant techniques and scenarios that support the students’ understanding of concepts, and provide opportunities for students to practise important skills. The issues investigation is based on free choice and enables students to critically evaluate the potential impact of an issue relevant to the student in our society. Students also critically evaluate available literature, to show an understanding of the multiple perspectives on the issue. Students use these articles, and their own Health Science knowledge and reflection, to argue a personal stance on a chosen issue.

What content will be covered?

The program is predominantly focussed on learning about Human Performance through Sport and Physical Activity. Students investigate issues and concepts by choosing contexts that interest them and testing hypothesises using methods that they have researched. Topics covered through the year currently include:

  • Reaction times and the impact on performance
  • Issues in the scientific aspects of Sport
  • Sports Endocrinology
  • Motion Analysis of Human Movement
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sport Training Programs

Where will this course take me?

Stage 2 Human Performance equips students hoping to continue their study in the field of Health Science in higher education with the tools to investigate the physiological and psychological factors that affect humans – especially during sport or physical activity.
Additionally, the skills gained through investigating movement, endocrinology, and muscular and skeletal anatomy provide students with background knowledge for Physiotherapy, Exercise Science, and Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies).

How will the course be assessed?

The program is offered as a SACE Stage 2 Scientific Studies subject (20 credits and ATAR).
School assessment will be 70% with a range of Investigation, Practical and Application tasks. The external component of 30% will be the submission of an individual Practical Investigation (no examination involved).

What resources are used?

The resources used to investigate various aspects of Human movement and performance include heart rate monitors, activity monitors, exercise equipment, driving simulators, and motion analysis software.

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