The Health Science program is an interdisciplinary program drawing on a range of disciplines. It is a recognised SACE 40 credit subject that attracts a university entrance score (ATAR).

The program uses the principles of inquiry, collaboration, and co-design to ensure that the learning is authentic, meaningful, and connected to real-world problems. The program explores a range of social, political, economic, and ethical issues that impact on the Health industry. Strong connections are made with industry partners and students design solutions to complex problems faced by the industry.

The program is predominantly focussed on learning about Health Science through multiple perspectives including Medicine, Psychology, Paramedics, Optometry, Disability, Aged Care, Nursing, and Mental Health. Students investigate issues and concepts by choosing topics that interest them and co-designing their learning. Units covered throughout the year currently include:

  • Health Literacy
  • Determinants of Health
  • Industry Design Cycle
  • Environmental Health
  • Social Health

Stage 2 Health Science equips students hoping to continue their study in the field of Health Science in higher education with the tools to think critically and creatively about the world around them and to consider multiple perspectives in complex decision making. The students also develop as self-directed learners and are well placed for a range of pathways beyond school.

The program is offered as a SACE Stage 2 combined Health and Integrated Learning subject (20 credits each and ATAR). School assessment will be 70% with a range of Investigation, Practical and Application tasks. The external component of 30% will be the submission of an individual project (no examination involved).

Students will access all resources through the ASMS Portal.