The world is changing, with rapidly emerging opportunities for innovation. This central study has as its focus the innovation cycle, with students identifying a problem and designing, prototyping and marketing a solution. This culminates in an Innovation Expo, where students will compete to market their innovation. Students explore a range of content to support this, ranging from materials and their properties at a range of scales to historical views on innovation and its drivers while moving towards an understanding of the potential of current developments and applications such as nanotechnology and biomimicry. This Central Study has a significant practical component, with the use of 3D printers, laser cutters, programming and technical drawing as students turn their ideas into reality

Students will work collaboratively to develop their team-working skills and make links between curriculum areas and the modern world of innovation.  Skills such as scientific inquiry, marketing, planning, designing and building draw from content in Science, Mathematics, English/EAL, and Design & Technology, and skills for the modern workplace.

This course is a part of the ASMS Central Study curriculum. All students study it as part of the 2-year Central Study Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to develop students that are able to be successful in a range of pathways beyond school and as successful 21st-century learners both during their time at the ASMS and beyond.

Assessments throughout the Central Study are assessed against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards for Year 10 students and against Stage 1 Performance Standards from Mathematics, English/EAL, Scientific Studies and Integrated Learning for Year 11 students.