The study of Chemistry involves investigating and learning about the properties, uses, means of production, and reactions of natural and processed materials. It also includes a critical study of the social and environmental impact of materials and chemical processes. Ultimately, students develop their skills in explaining the world around us and why it works at an atomic and molecular level.


Chemistry focuses on knowledge of how the world works at a molecular level, how scientists can use qualitative and quantitative methods to discover information about reactions, particularly in a laboratory setting, and how the influence from and on society shapes our understanding of both Chemistry and society.
Chemistry consists of the following four topics. Each is considered through the perspectives of knowledge, investigation skills, and science as a human endeavour.

  • Monitoring the Environment
  • Managing Chemical Processes
  • Organic and Biological Chemistry
  • Managing Resources

Students will develop significant skills in problem-solving, critical questioning, scientific writing, experimental design, and methodologies and processes used in a practical laboratory setting. Chemistry leads directly into fields in science, engineering and the environment.

Chemistry is a 20-credit subject in Stage 2 and can be used in calculating a student’s ATAR. The assessment has three components:

  • Skills and Applications Tasks (40%)
  • Investigation Tasks (30%)
  • External Exam (30%)
  • Students provide evidence of their assessment through 3 or 4 Skills and Applications Tasks, 2 or 3 practical reports, 1 or 2 Science as a Human Endeavour Tasks, and via the exam.

The school provides a laboratory setting and a range of chemicals and equipment used to facilitate learning and complete assessments. Students are required to have access to a computer to support engagement with learning activities and online resources. A laptop is desirable but school desktop computers are available in the learning spaces. Students also have access to a textbook throughout the year to support their learning.